Explico is seeking Human Factors professionals


Explico (eks-plí-cō) is a Latin word, which means to unfold, unfurl, disentangle, and solve. At Explico Engineering, we strive to embody the meaning of this word through the detailed investigation of complex scenarios.

We’re a scientific and engineering consulting firm specializing in collision reconstruction, biomechanics, human factors, transportation engineering, and mechanical failure analysis. We assist clients in understanding complex technical problems by:

  1. Providing premium technical consulting service

  2. Taking full advantage of modern, state-of-the-art tools

  3. Effectively communicating findings directly to clients or in a courtroom setting

The type of work is widely varied, never routine and always intellectually challenging. Our senior partners have more than 50 years of combined professional experience and are dedicated to growing the business. We offer competitive compensation and benefits, including continuing education funding and potential performance bonuses. For engineers with strong technical proficiency and high motivation to excel, Explico Engineering offers unlimited room for growth and development.

About our Human Factors Practice:

Our rapidly growing Human Factors practice provides services related to human performance and safety in both product and system use. Here are some of our services:

  • Consumer product safety and hazard evaluation

  • Vehicle/equipment/heavy machinery operator behavior analysis

  • Visibility, conspicuity, low-illuminance scene assessment and documentation

  • Analyzing visual perception, attention, perception-response time (PRT), decision making and auditory perception during real-world situations

  • Volunteer human subjects testing

  • Safety and risk analysis

  • Safety and warning label assessment, design and evaluation

About the Positions:

The positions involve both in-office and out-of-office field investigations, including physical inspections of a wide variety of items like vehicles, roadways, consumer products, and commercial equipment. Additionally, physical testing and data acquisition involving live human subjects will also be performed.

Specific responsibilities include human performance evaluation during a multitude of events, such as vehicle operation, product interaction, and environment interaction. Experience with data acquisition, design of experiments, and MATLAB is essential. Hands-on mechanical aptitude is required.

Successful candidates must be able to effectively communicate (both orally and written) and manage projects using a multi-disciplinary team (biomechanics, vehicle collision reconstruction, mechanical engineering).

The long-term career path for these roles requires the ability to present to large and small groups, write reports of findings and possibly provide deposition and/or trial testimony in litigation-related projects.

Successful candidates will be knowledgeable across many human factors domains. Experience in driver behavior, driver distraction or safety is desirable. Generally speaking, candidates will be required to:

  • Apply general knowledge to a variety of unique situations

  • Creatively and strategically analyze accidents

  • Explain causes of incidents and/or formulate means to prevent future incidents

Additional responsibilities will include:

  • Performing and publishing research in the area of human factors

  • Developing external business via prospective and existing clients

  • Managing projects with special care and attention related to customer service and budgets

  • Other duties as assigned

Qualifications for this position include:

  • Ph.D. or M.S./M.A. in Human Factors, Engineering Psychology, Experimental, Industrial or Cognitive Psychology or another program with human factors core requirements

  • Minimum of 0-5 years’ experience

  • Explico is only accepting applications from those who do not and will not in the future require sponsorship.

We are not seeking candidates who are interested in hardware or software usability analysis.

To apply please send a resume/C.V. and cover letter to recruiting@explico.com